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Super Show 4 - Super Junior World Tour

If I said Super Show 3 last year was amazing, Super Show 4 this year was simply FABULOUS!!

The dance tracks do not have much to say. As always they're amazing, flawless. Walkin was amusing, especially when Kyuhyun and Yesung were attacked by the doves. XDD And the way Kyuhyun was watching Sungmin as he happily flew over his head ^^ "Storm" and "Our Love" were the highlights of the fan projects. Storm was the white light project where everyone shone their handphone's torch. It was simply beautiful....just like bright stars in a sea of blue night sky. And the guys really loved it, which was a great success. Our Love was the "슈퍼주니어 + ELF 영원히" Red Hearts project. Everyone held out the red heart banner during Our Love. Leeteuk cried and some other members looked emotional too when they saw it. It was really sweet and it just amazing to have everyone cooperate like this.

Fanservices were aplenty, especially Siwon cockblocking again XDDD First kissing Donghae on the cheek, then Eunhyuk too, of course not without some Eunhae too. Siwon also carried Eunhyuk, the kind where you just jump at the person and they have to catch you or you'll fall...Bear hug carry?? During the cosplaying Hae Chaplin went to flip Marimin Monroe's dress again XDD And Kyu Jobs shared the same apple with MIN!!!!!!!! SuperSiwon tried to flip Marimin Monroe's skirt too, while "she" was trying to protect herself XDD Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk also played some High-5 NOT game where they just jellyfish away each time =DDD

All the solos were well performed but some were extremely memorable for various reasons. I loved Yesung's "Han Namja" a lot, although I had looked forward to his previous solo song choice. Zhoumi's solo was a joy to listen to too, even though it's the first time I heard that song.  Kyuhyun's solo was amusing, especially the VCR when he was being scolded by himself for singing ballads all the time. Sungmin's "One in a Million" and Ryeowook's "Moves like Jagger" was memorable for the same reason; fans were all screaming "andwaeeeeeee" while I was thinking "boys are growing up...." XDDD it was real sexy performance though. Henry's 3-tier performance was supposed to be really good "Off my Mind" and "Lazy Song", if not for the fact that he had a sore throat? His voice sounded really hoarse...quite a waste since I really like Henry's voice too. Reminds me of Henry's tweet yesterday. "K! GOING TO SLEEP ! cya tomorrow!!!!! omg too much crabbb lol spicyyyy" too much crab XDDD Eunhyuk's "Self Luminous Bejeweled Handsome Guy Lee Hyukjae" was a fun and interactive performance. He wanted fans to call him Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Choi Siwon for the night but everyone went "NO!" and kept shouting "LEE HYUKJAE" instead!

The ending talk when the members were thanking fans, I teared. Not really sure why, perhaps just a spur of a moment thing, or perhaps just the overwhelming feeling of pride that they have come so far since debut and they're still so humble. I was so happy when Henry and Zhoumi were speaking of their gratitude to the fans. I'm really glad the fans tonight hadn't walked out on Zhoumi/Henry or jeered at them, because although they're only SJ-M, but they're still a member of the SJ family. I just wish people would recognize Henry and Zhoumi for their talents and not stubbornly hold onto the Only13 notion. When I saw the 2 of them smiled so widely at the fan's cheers during their solo and when they appear, I really thought "As always a person looks the best when they're smiling". Like Henry said "performing is a 2 way thing", it's no use for them to keep performing with all they've got when fans don't reciprocate the feelings. Donghae was really sweet, saying "I'm sorry but I've locked all the doors of the exits to this place. Looks like all of you have to spend the night with us tonight". The screams that came with it was simply overwhelming. Kyuhyun the hyung troll decided to bully his hyung again. While Yesung was conveying his thanks Kyuhyun interrupted Yesung, "Can you sound more excited?" but Yesung just replied "I am". What are we to do when the tone of Yesung's voice is just like that? XDDDD

They had the water game again, which was really a surprise since it's only the second time since the whole Super Show 4 World Tour. The guys said they wanted to do it tonight, because they only play it when they really absolutely enjoy the concert...I guess it partly due to fan projects and fans' receptiveness to Henmi. They started off with Siwon since his birthday is coming up. First 3 was chingu line: Siwon, Donghae and Zhoumi. Then Siwon said in that case Leader has to do it too. Who better to join Leader than Maknae!  It was amusing to watch Kyuhyun suddenly pushing his maknae title to Henry and both of them fighting over who should be maknae. Kyuhyun was so smug when Henry was made to play but not for long since it was 3 each time so it became Leader-Maknae line: Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Henry. Leeteuk chose Superman as his song choice since he wanted to be cool, but he flailed the most once the water started spraying, so did Henry. Kyuhyun water spray only sprayed at his butt the whole time. The last line was Yesung choice line: Yesung, Shindong and Sungmin. Yesung got his shirted almost fully opened by Siwon again XD It was amusing seeing Sungmin discretely sneaking away while Yesung was picking between Ryeowook and Shindong, not that he was exempted in the end anyway. Playful Min wanted to spray all the fans by blocking the water hose with his feet, and Yesung tried to follow and got caught by Leeteuk and scolded so both of them couldn't do it and just got sprayed in the end XDD

Queuing and staying in the mosh pit was absolutely tiring, but it was the most amazing view too. Other than being blocked by tall people's heads and fanlights/banners/towels from time to time, it's really a place for up-close view of the guys. I know I kept saying before the concert that never again would I mosh, but after tonight, just perhaps for the next Super Show I would mosh again. After all it's not always that we get to see them so close, especially from where I stood I kept seeing Eunhyuk and Siwon, also Sungmin, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Shindong and Leeteuk. Not so much of Ryeowook and Donghae just from time to time. I just hope Sungmin saw me waving his lightstick ^^

I know writing this all out would make the magic fade, and I'm really reluctant for the magic of the night to disappear, but I do not want to forget any part of this night without leaving some sort of trace for me to look back upon.

I would forever treasure every piece of memory, every bit of happiness I got from this night. Much thanks to Super Junior for bringing this awesome performance to Singapore, to ELFs, to all fans. And of course also to the fan groups for their effort in putting together fan support projects as well as all ELFs for cooperating in the fan projects.