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Take on 5Jib

 After reading allkpop's and some other reviews of SJ's 5Jib comeback, I have to say, I have more than a few opinions to what they said.

For one, they are WAYY too CRITICAL!!

True, Mr Simple holds elements similar to Sorry Sorry and Bonamana, but I think the lyrics are way more meaningful than the 2 before, and if I had the choice I would actually prefer Mr Simple. Perhaps we could say that songs as such are very recycled, but have anyone once considered the reason why? While it could partly have been because the composer was Yoo Youngjin again, but more than that why doesn't anyone look at the market of Korea's music programmes. They are so narrow in their acceptance of songs other than those that are electric, techno and something along those lines. Why else would it be such that singers that sing other genres of songs, perhaps ballad or rap not make it to #1. Aside for just blaming the idol group or company or even songwriter for constantly selling songs that sound the same, why not consider the idea that if they had not done that maybe the song would've been less widely accepted.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE MEMBERS EACH CONTRIBUTING THEIR OWN IDEAS TO THE DANCE?!!!! It doesn't mean that they don't pay for choreographers, in fact the solo moves probably went to when they're singing their own parts. At least it's better than other groups that only blindly follow dance steps given to them. It shows that SJ actually took the effort to take part in every part of the album.

And how can they call the ballad songs forgettable!!! Just because they themselves don't enjoy ballads doesn't mean that people that like ballads wouldn't enjoy them.

While I agree that the album lacks cohesion, BIG TIME, especially how genres of songs seems to jump from one to another without much flow in meaning, I don't think that undermines the quality of each song. In fact each song presents its own unique special style and each song demonstrates how much effort the members put into singing them. In any case, I think it beats having an album that has good cohesion but every song sounds just about the same.

3Jib (Sorry Sorry) may have been their peak, although debatable since I think they're still moving up, and had some really good songs, but through 5Jib we see their maturity through the years with exploration of more genres of songs. They're not longer limited to pop, ballad, electronic, techno, but have moved into genres even less touched by other KPop artistes, like Reggae, R&B, and again with members contributing their own tracks to the album, in this case Donghae's Y.